Jess Ayden Li

Executive Coaching


Are you a non-profit leader who is feeling overwhelmed with managing your workload and burnout? Are there issues (like fundraising) that keep you up at night?

Here’s the good news. You’re not alone. I coach Executive Directors and managers in the Asian Pacific American non-profit community with issues such as:

  • Putting out fires and implementing turnaround strategies

  • Strategizing around non-profit sustainability

  • Thriving as the only person of color in a mostly white environment

  • Managing staff

  • Executive Director - Board of Directors relations

  • Dealing with founder’s syndrome

How We Work Together

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amy-chou - Amy Chou.png
Self-care is now at the center of my life and all decisions are made based on whether it is in the best interest of me and my well-being. I feel more inspiration and joy in my current role and I see the possibilities of where I can grow.
— Amy Chou
I feel more empowered to advocate for my own needs and to think strategically about my career planning.
— Steven Cong
The past few months hasn’t been easy for me as a new non-profit leader. But having the opportunity to work with you has made it SO much easier for me. Just wanted to say, thank you!
— Anonymous