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When you create a healthy non-profit environment, it’s your clients who ultimately benefit.

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What is a healthy non-profit environment? Why does it matter?

When our staff come to work feeling rested, it’s our clients who ultimately benefit. In a time when non-profits are competing with corporations and government for the top employees, the workplace culture matters. The way we treat non-profit employees matter. In the 2016 Nonprofit Employment Practices Survey, Guidestar and Nonprofit HR noted that turnover is between 16 - 19% per year. Direct service organizations face the most challenges when it comes to staff retention.

Additionally, in communities of color, self-care alone isn’t enough for us in dealing with systemic oppression and the challenges of working in a non-profit. For that, we need community care. Community care has a greater impact in Asian/Pacific Islander cultures because of the collectivist nature. For example, reducing incidents of domestic violence is far more powerful when we work with families and communities that come together to learn about violence against women and take action to prevent it in their community.

What is community care?

Loosely defined, community care is about a group of people taking responsibility in caring for one another. This can look like making sure that our colleagues are leaving work on time and eating lunch. It can also take the form of protests or campaigning together for a particular cause. Within non-profit organizations, community care needs to be implemented as part of the organizational culture in order for it to be sustainable.

The Impact of Community Care:

  • Increased staff retention at non-profits

  • Healthier workplaces and happier employees

  • Fosters a culture of healing and care amongst staff, board members, and clients

  • Lowers costs associated with turnover and hiring

  • Higher quality of services for clients because staff come in to work feeling refreshed and energized

Can we implement a staff wellness plan without breaking the bank? Yes, yes we can!


  • Community Care Strategic Planning Retreats: Through a one-day community care planning retreat, we’ll develop a sustainable wellness plan for your organization.

  • Wellness and Burnout Assessment: A customized assessment to determine what the main causes of burnout are within the organization, gaps, and proposed recommendations for wellness planning.

  • Training: Three-hour training that looks at community care in depth, how trauma manifests in non-profits (i.e. burnout, vicarious trauma, compassion fatigue, etc.), and what organizations can do to support employees.

  • Capacity Building: This might include strategic planning, board training, etc.


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